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Factor My Way Connection — Personal, 1:1 Support

In speaking with your fellow bleeding disorders community members to understand more about your community’s needs, one important thing we learned about living with a bleeding disorder is that having a support community is vital. Hemophilia A and von Willebrand disease can be isolating. Managing these conditions successfully requires lots of know–how. Patients and caregivers have told us that having personal connections with people who can provide experienced guidance and lend a supportive ear is invaluable.

That’s why Factor My Way program members enjoy the benefits of having a team of people in place to help meet their unique needs:

Patient Experience Managers

Patient Experience Managers (PEMs) are the main point of contact with Octapharma for Factor My Way Program members. You will be connected to a dedicated Manager of your own, in your local area. This bleeding disorders expert can provide personalized support, in-depth information about Octapharma factor therapies, can assist you with resources and advocacy needs, and is the person who can introduce you to Factor My Way Nurse and Patient Educators.

Connect with your local Patient Experience Manager

Patient Educators

Factor My Way Patient Educators (PEs) are hemophilia A or von Willebrand disease patients themselves or caregivers on Octapharma therapies. They know the ropes and they have “been there”. Program members can make personal connections with people who truly understand living with a bleeding disorder like yours.

Get acquainted

Nurse Educators

Factor My Way Nurse Educators (NEs) can answer questions you may have related to Octapharma factor therapy, inform you on what you should expect in regards to your treatment, and discuss concerns regarding potential treatment issues.

Meet your team

The Factor My Way Support Center

The Factor My Way Support Center provides one–to–one consultation to help you navigate your insurance matters, gain approvals for prior authorizations for Octapharma factor therapies, and facilitate prompt payment of claims. Representatives can also answer questions about co–pay and reimbursement assistance opportunities available, and can connect you to PEMs, who in turn introduce you to Nurse Educators and Patient Educators. Patient Support Representatives are available Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, EST.

Contact the Factor My Way Support Center 1-855-498-4260