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If you are a hemophilia A or von Willebrand disease patient experiencing financial hardship due to job loss, insurance coverage loss, or are simply finding it challenging to cover the cost of your factor therapy, our Compassionate Access Program may help. The program allows patients who qualify a period of access to Octapharma factor therapy at no cost.

Contact the Factor My Way Support Center 1-855-498-4260

How to Apply

You or your physician may apply for Compassionate Access by contacting the Factor My Way Support Center at 1-855-498-4260. You must be enrolled in Factor My Way to apply for assistance.

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Are You Eligible?

You may be eligible for the program if you do not have the means to purchase the Octapharma coagulation therapy you need. This covers people who do not have, or who have lost insurance coverage, as well as those with insufficient income to pay for product. You do not have to be a current Octapharma therapy user to qualify for the program, however, you must be enrolled in Factor My Way. enrolled in Factor My Way.

Program Restrictions

The Compassionate Access Program covers only those requests that comply with FDA‐approved indications for Octapharma factor therapies. It does not provide Octapharma factor therapies for investigational, early access, or expanded uses.

Compassionate Access is limited to a defined period of assistance. Eligibility for compassionate use assistance begins at the time of approval and continues for a time period determined by Octapharma. Eligibility may be renewed if the patient continues to meet current compassionate use criteria, or the program duration may be expanded, at Octapharma’s discretion.