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Better Together

Learn about the Factor My Way program and its many benefits.

The bleeding disorders community is broad and diverse, encompassing a wide range of patients and disease states, caregivers, families, friends, professionals, and advocacy organizations. What binds us all together is a shared need for lifelong care, compassionate understanding, accurate information we can trust, and connection with others who walk in our shoes. That’s why Octapharma created Factor My Way, a robust patient support program designed for those living with hemophilia A and von Willebrand disease, and for those who help them. Membership in Factor My Way is complimentary.

We spoke with you and we listened. The insights we gathered form the foundation of our bleeding disorders patient support program. Built around your needs, Factor My Way includes resources for patients and caregivers, support services for those navigating care, reliable educational materials, and uplifting community connection. And we’ll keep listening. As we continue to learn more about you and your needs, we will evolve and enhance the program organically.

A Wealth of Resources

Factor My Way brings you a wide array of public and special members-only resources. Find the support, information, and connection you need to help you manage your hemophilia A or von Willebrand disease diagnosis and live life to the fullest.

Factor My Way Assistance

Financial assistance programs and real-world insurance know-how – all at your fingertips

Factor My Way Connection

Meet experts and join our online support community to help you access resources and build relationships.

Factor My Way Events

Scheduled live and on–demand digital information programs and events.

Factor My Way Learning

Learn–as–you–go, practical informational materials about bleeding disorders, treatment, and lifestyle management.

Featured Content

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